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Why is it Harder to Lose Weight as you Age? [Weight Loss Tips]

By: Dr. Scott Perryman

A part of getting older is taking on more responsibilities and this often includes focusing more and more on your career or raising your family. Between all of these time-consuming activities, it is hard to find time for ourselves and, as a result, our health can fall to the wayside. Working out often gets pushed to the back burner and weight gain gets out of control. Then, years later, when you do manage to find the time and energy to take control of your health, you realize that it is even more difficult to lose weight with age!

At Whole Health Weight Loss Institute, many men who come in with this question are simply trying to understand what they need to do to take control of their health.

There are a number of main factors that make it hard to lose weight when you are older, such as:


One of the primary reasons for poor weight loss is a change in our metabolism. Your metabolism slows down as you age. Metabolism or metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns food for energy. When this process slows down, weight gain is quick to follow if a change in diet doesn’t occur.


There is a correlation between weight gain and lack of sleep, and with all the responsibilities in your life like raising kids, working, and taking care of the family, sleep can be compromised. Lack of sleep won’t directly make you gain weight but there are many habits linked to lack of sleep that will. For example, people who do not get a healthy amount of sleep often seek sugary, caffeinated drinks to help them stay alert throughout the day.

Just cutting out coffee, soda, and energy drinks can positively impact your weight. Eat healthily, trade out heavy creams and fats for foods that make you feel fuller for longer, like vegetables and lean proteins.


As our body gets older, it begins to lose muscle mass and store more fat. It’s important to continue working out and challenge our muscles to maintain your muscle mass. You don’t need to lift hundreds of pounds at the gym but consistent strengthening workouts will benefit your body and weight.


A demanding job, bills to pay, a mortgage to pay off, and a family with whom to interact can lead to significant stress affecting many aspects of your life and causing the development of unhealthy eating habits. This, in turn, can negatively affect your weight. Learning to handle stress is a lifelong lesson that has to be approached anew each day. Learning how to handle your stress is important to your health. Studies show that developing and participating in a hobby is a great way to de-stress and keep you active.

Don’t Give Up on Your Your Hobbies or Your Health. Pursuing something you find fun and enjoy is clinically proven to improve your mental and physical health.

Even hobbies that aren’t necessarily intensive physical activities can improve your weight loss results because they keep you engaged and satisfy you mentally. Many men have given up on their favorite hobbies and activities because of weight gain, which due to the factors listed above, can make matters worse for health. More and more research shows strong links between hobbies, physical health and an individual’s quality of life. Getting back involved in hobbies is important for mental and physical health.

Mental Health Benefits for Men

Having a hobby benefits your brain functions and gives you something to pursue on your own. One of the primary advantages of hobbies on your mental health is that they help lower stress levels. Unlike watching TV, a hobby will let your brain participate and remain active.

Hobbies are calming and often help create a sense of well-being. Hobbies also help to challenge the mind and keep you creative, confident and making active decisions. This stimulation can help improve memory in the long run.

Lastly, there are many benefits that come from hobbies that require social interaction. A social support group will keep you engaging with others and studies have also shown that lonely adults often develop health problems quicker than social adults.

Physical Health Benefits

There are so many benefits to being active and engaged with hobbies that interest you! The primary one is that any active hobby will improve your overall health and boost your immune system. Hobbies are great to get you started on your path towards weight loss or help you as you undergo bariatric surgery. A hobby is a sustainable form of staying healthy!

Types of Hobbies

Pick up those old hobbies and dust them off! Many men are discouraged to pursue hobbies like hiking, golfing, and gardening because they are deterred by their weight. But these activities are fun and give you time to relax and enjoy life.

Some hobbies that men frequently pursue include:


This sport is low-key and will have you walking around and talking with your friends for hours. You don’t need to be in excellent physical condition to win the game and still get in some exercise.


Explore the local parks, forests, and hills near you. Hiking is always best when combined with friends. Enjoy the views and time out in nature with some lovely hikes. This activity will keep your endurance and stamina at high levels.


Whether it’s your dog or a neighbor’s, walking is a good way to get out and burn some calories. There are even services available today that allow you to earn money from the dog walks!


Planting, pulling weeds, harvesting, and tending to the soil can be physically demanding. People often overlook how much exercise is inherent in gardening. This hobby is fun and offers big rewards to the patient individual.


Believe it or not, cooking burns calories! Not only is it fun to get experimental in the kitchen, but you can also show off your skills to your co-workers or keep your creations all to yourself. Cooking is a good way to get on your feet and be creative.


Building and fixing things around the house are always fun and a good way to get active. Projects often include a lot of thought, measurements, and math – making DIY projects a good workout for both your brain and body. These projects are rewarding and can be a lot of fun.

Losing weight is difficult no matter what stage of life you are in, however, it does seem to be more difficult as we age. Having a hobby is fulfilling and will keep you engaged physically and mentally in the world.

What is the best way for a man to lose weight?

At Whole Health Weight Loss Institute, we want to set our patients up for success. We offer a range of surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures to help you successfully regain control of your life. We also provide support systems and resources to keep you healthy for the rest of your life.

Weight loss is a journey and a unique experience for everyone. Hobbies can play a big part in keeping the pounds off and finding fulfillment in your life.

If there was a hobby you used to participate in but are feeling deterred from pursuing it because of weight gain – don’t. Your hobby will be an important step to a happier, healthier you. Whether you are looking to lose some weight or are recovering from bariatric surgery, we encourage you to pursue a hobby that you love!



It is difficult to lose weight after 30 because your body begins to change as you age. Your hormones begin to fluctuate and metabolism slows down. These two shifts in the body will impact your muscle mass and energy levels. It is important to adjust your eating habits and continue being active. These practices will help keep you healthy and feeling good about yourself.

A hobby can play a large part in being satisfied with your life. Pursue something you love that keeps you active. Walking, hiking, tennis, the list goes on. Your hobby will play an important role in keeping you physically fit and happy.


Yes. It is often very easy to lose the first initial pounds. Visceral fat is stored around the internal organs and is the first fat your body will burn. Too much visceral fat is very unhealthy and can lead to life-threatening health issues like heart attacks, insulin resistance, heart disease, strokes, and many other complications.

Just going on walks and gentle activities can help your body burn off any unhealthy amounts of visceral fat. Once the body has used any excessive amounts of visceral fat, it will move on to subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat just below your skin and is very difficult to reduce. This fat is often the last resort to use and is stored by your body for emergency situations. As you get thinner, this fat will prove very difficult, maybe even impossible, to reduce without hard work and a strict diet.


Yes. Losing weight at any age can be accomplished. Our body weight is flexible and can be impacted at any point in our lives. Don’t worry, no matter your age you can achieve a healthy weight. With healthy eating choices and daily activity, you can quickly achieve a healthy weight!