Weight Loss Survey

How much extra weight do you have to lose?

A. 30-50 lbsB. 50-100 lbsC. 100-150 lbsD. 150-200 lbsE. More than 200 lbs

What keeps you from pursuing Weight Loss Surgery?

A. I’m afraid of all surgeryB. surgery is the easy way outC. I can do it with diet/exerciseD. I heard it isn’t safe (friends)E. My doctor won’t refer meF. My doctor thinks/says it isn’t safeG. I am comfortable with my weight

If there was a Weight Loss Surgery informational seminar near you, would you attend to learn more?

A. Yes, I’d love to know more about it!B. Yes, if it is within 10 milesC. No, I’d rather read about it on the internetD. No, I don’t believe in weight loss surgery

Would you travel for weight loss surgery?

A. No. I’d prefer to be within 30 minutes of my homeB. Yes. Up to 1 hourC. Yes. Up to 2-3 hrs awayD. Yes. Anywhere in the USE. Yes. I’d prefer to have surgery away from home

Would you consider an incisionless weight loss procedure?

A. Yes. Surgery scares meB. Yes. I don’t want to live with this extra weight anymoreC. No. I don’t want to take an easy way outD. No. I’ll lose wt with diet and exercise, no matter how long it takes

If you could cure your diabetes with surgery, would you have surgery?

Yes. Diabetes is a killer!Yes. I hate taking diabetes medsYes. I hear diabetes is progressiveYes. I didn’t know it was possible to cure diabetes!No. I don’t mind living with diabetesNo. My doctor says there is no cure for diabetesNo. I don’t believe in surgery

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