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Mindfulness & Heartfulness

The power of conscious choice

Every consequence begins with a choice. Every human being comes to understand this either through their own experience or the experience of those around us. In fact, we can go even further and say that our entire experience of life comes down to our choices. I’ll say this again: our entire experience of life comes down to our choices. What happens when our choices are automatic, hasty, unthoughtful or unconscious? We live unconscious consequences. We live unconscious lives. 

A person who lives unconsciously will stumble into all sorts of unintended consequences. They will find themselves saying things like: “I don’t know how this happened,” “I don’t know why I feel this way,” “I don’t know…” – you get the picture. 

At Whole Health Weight Loss Institute, we strive for conscious choices and conscious consequences. We empower our patients to make intentional choices about diet and exercise so that they can see the results they expect and deserve from Bariatric surgery. So that they can live the lives they intend to live. 

This is the power of conscious choice. The ability to take control of your life and emerge as the most complete, healthy, and whole version of yourself. 

Why Should I Practice Mindfulness?

How to access your most healthy and supportive self, transform your way of being and achieve sustained weight loss

You may think that Mindfulness and Heartfulness have nothing to do with weight loss. You may think these meditations are good for people in search of the meaning of life but have little use in everyday life and are especially irrelevant when talking about Bariatric Surgery. In fact, Mindfulness and Heartfulness are not only beneficial but necessary to your long-term success. Indeed, the effect of surgery is short-lived in the context of your life, lasting ~2 years. Beyond these first couple of years, sustained weight loss is not contingent upon the size of your stomach or strength of your bypass. So long as you follow the general guidelines of diet and exercise in the first year after surgery, you will likely see the expected excess body weight loss.

The effect of surgery is fairly consistent and predictable. Long term sustained weight loss is, however, contingent upon emotional awareness and responsible choice. When you become aware, minute-by-minute, of your emotional state, you will be able notice the associated thoughts and will potentially be able to choose your actions more consciously. We cannot control our emotions or thoughts, but when we are aware of them, we have the ability to choose how we respond to them. In other words, consciousness, allows for conscious choice, which in turn allows for conscious action.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness. In this state, we have emotional awareness and are aware of our associated thoughts. This awareness happens in the absence of judgment or criticism. Being able to notice what you are feeling without judging or criticizing yourself allows you to choose conscious actions (or inactions) in response to your feelings or thoughts. Mindfulness is the start of change but not the vessel for change. To truly change your state of being requires a deeper commitment.

This is the practice of Heartfulness. In Heartfulness, you will be in a state of emotional awareness without judgement or criticism. However, as you become aware of emotions that are not aligned with healthy choices, such as anger, frustration, anxiety etc., you will be able to choose an emotion in alignment with your health such as love, compassion, gratitude and reverence. You will then choose to act from that place, from that side of your personality.

For our Bariatric Patients, Heartfulness can be the difference between re-acting from a place of overwhelm and responding from a place of reverence for the experience of life. The action in the latter case is likely to be a healthier choice. If you can practice this every day, at every meal, you will achieve sustained weight loss. You will find long-term success.

This is why Heartfulness is so important and why we want all of our patients to practice it every day, at every meal.


The fuel for conscious choice

Setting an intention every day is paramount to making conscious choices. Setting an intention, aligns your energy and spirit with your goals. It reminds you, at the outset of every day, of what is most important to you; of what is most important to your success in achieving your whole health. 

An intention can be simple, such as a single word: exercise. Or, it can be more elaborate, outlining a plan for the day: 

  • I will choose protein first. 
  • I will avoid the 4 horsemen of obesity. 
  • I will devote 45 minutes to aerobic exercise today. 
  • I will choose consciously. 

By aligning yourself with these thoughts, your actions will have the fuel behind them to be conscious and mindful. 

It all begins with intention.

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